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Fixing a Hacked Website Service

has your website been hacked

Hacker attempting to hack into your website

Having your business website hacked can not only be annoying but it can seriously damage your business reputation. Thousands of Perth based business websites get hacked every year so you are not alone if this has happened to you. Keeping your old website up to date with the latest software patches can significantly reduce your changes of being being again, and thats part of the service we can offer.

We can fix your hacked website! Generally this is something that can be done within a few hours!

Step 1. Don’t Panic
Contrary to what a lot of business owners believe, it is not your website hosting providers job to prevent your website from being hacked! Their primary function is to provide a reliable, stable hosting platform, which most of them do very well!

Take a deep breathe and check to see if you have a recent backup of the website. If you do this will make recovery a lot easier, especially if the backup is before the hacking date.
If not, then don’t stress, because most of the time the hack can be undone.

This is what I can do …

The Steps In Brief:
A I stop the hack by removing and replacing the infected files,
B Install a Fresh copy of WordPress if you have a WordPress site
C Ensure all plugins and additional files are present and are the latest versions.

First, I shall stop the hack!. The hack could be the display of an advertisement or redirection of your visitors to another site or something else illegitimate. Stopping the action is paramount to prevent your website clients being shocked or annoyed, or your name being tarnished. The WordPress logins will need to be changed, unfortunately, as they may now be known to the hackers. This is called Essential Step A – “Detect and Stop Hack”. This completed within one working day of receiving a workable account login to your site.

Next, I shall install the latest version of WordPress. This is a fresh install and results in the basic, blank website. The prior weakness is thus eliminated. If possible the original content is re-enabled and the website should be like new.


So why should you trust me?

You can speak to the person who does the fixing. That is me, Bruce Hearder

I am contactable by phone 0412-502-105

Hacking is illegitimate and illegal. It is an awful waste of time and creates stress on site owners and designers.

I live in Perth Western Australia and build websites also. I have experienced the pain of my early websites being hacked.

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